About Us

Sohei Cybersecurity is a new kind of security practitioner’s network. We seek to foster the development of information security talent. Our mission is to further the advancement of humanity by seeking to secure and maintain the world’s information technology resources.

We primarily work in the following three areas: Education, Engineering, and Security Consulting.


Through our education initiatives, we seek to train others in how to remain safe online. We offer cyber self defense courses - which can be thought of as the natural progression of physical self defense. Just as how you need to be able to defend yourself from physical threats, you also need to know how to keep yourself secure against threats in cyberspace.


We produce custom security solutions. Usually these security solutions are built in house by our engineers for clients who have requested a specific problem be solved. We will on occasion release tools for free - open source.


We offer security consulting services. Our primary consulting service is security assessments. It’s not always easy to know how exactly a network will be hacked. We train to be able to simulate what a real hack would look like. Our engineers will assess the security of your company, and detail to you what technical and process changes can secure your systems.

If you'd like to learn more please email us at contact@soheicyber.com.